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What is this Coin?

It has an capital R on one side and a eagle holding a snake on the other. Above the eagle is the phrase "estados unidos mexicanos" translating to "united states of mexico." If you know what it is or have an educated guess, please comment or message me.


2012 North American coins & prices
2012 North American coins & prices
Published by Krause Pubns Inc 2011
ISBN 1440217254,9781440217258
696 pages
Presents descriptions and latest prices on coins created in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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    1. Muchos mexicanos no acuden pedir ayuda al Consulado cuando sus derechos civiles violan if y humanos desconocen porque esos servicios, existen acuerso de la organizaci? No "Movimiento de Justicia para El Barrio".
    2. Según datos del gobierno mexicano, a 25% menos de mexicanos "sin papeles" emigró a Estados Unidos el año pasado, el año anterior Offerten. ¿Las Razones? Reforzamiento de la seguridad en la frontera y la crisis económica.

Questions & answers

lovealace lovealace says:
Estados Unidos Mexicanos Coins .. Whats it worth in American money?
I have two Estados Unidos Mexicanos coins and I want to know the worth in US money .. First one is: Silver looking .. similar to the American quarter .. It's dated 1988 with a picture of Madero on...
Taiping says:
Neither one are legal tender anymore . There was a monetary reform in 1992 where 1000 old peso's equaled one new peso. The exchange is no longer valid. Your coins are quite common and can be found for around .25 cents each, in a coin dealers world coin box. The 500 peso coin, they do use a...

 ... 100 1985 v caranza reverse estados unidos mexicanos diameter 26mm
... 100 1985 v caranza reverse estados unidos mexicanos diameter 26mm
Coin Estados unidos Mexicanos 1993 eagle snake photo
Coin Estados unidos Mexicanos 1993 eagle snake photo

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