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KOREA 1 SET 5 COINS , 1959-1987 UNC

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Coin Korea 1993 500 won South Korea

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South Korea 4 Coin Set - 10, 50, 100 & 500 Won UNC

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1989 Korea 500 Won Figure Skating Silver Proof Coin

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  • The Korea Bizwire

    Shameful Employer Pays Back Wages with 10 Won Coins

    SEOUL, July 1 (Korea Bizwire) – Recently, Park, a 19-year-old part-time worker, came across a preposterous situation after she asked for back pay of 320,000 won from her previous employer. Park worked at a bar as a part-timer for about two months since 

  • io9

    8 Things That Happened In History Way More Often Than Everybody Thinks

    German states and private mints in the 1600s got into the booming business of small-denomination coins, and then slightly debased small-denomination coins, and then went out of business and ruined their own countries because everyone knew they made

Korean 50 Won ( 50원 주화 ) Coin Collection

Here is my South Korean 50 Won coin collection in Uncirculated/Brilliant Uncirculated condition (This is a follow-up video to my 100 Won coin collection). ₩50 These 50 Won coins are kept in Air-tite holders with black rings, presented in double-37mm Dansco coin pages, and bound in a 1 and...


The currencies of Korea and a profile of the first Chinese coins
The currencies of Korea and a profile of the first Chinese coins
Published by Ishi Press 2011
ISBN 4871878953,9784871878951
104 pages
Until then, there was little demand for and interest in Oriental coins and even less enthusiasm for research and the collection of them here in the West. This was probably due to the fact that, unlike the European and United States coins, coins, and the far East were not easily nor found abundant in the West, However in the interest ... in recent years has been growing among Westerners, and popularity has behaved it has requested a review, examination and investigation of Numismatic reference materials and literature on the market. Consequently, it was found that one of the best books in English on Korean coins was produced by Mr. Alan d. Craig titled "The currencies of Korea ...

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    1. Look at any coin dealer "junk box" a coin and you will probably find low denomination coins of the modern world made of base metals including aluminum, copper and nickel.
    2. Gadget as fashion, Design Korea launches its ANTHEM coin-sized mp3 player?INNO-B0? in Korea market, which characterizes the style necklace with Taegeuk pattern. INNO-B0 is available in fashion colors such as hot pink, black, white, orange and Brown.Is scheduled to be released on June 17, ...

North Korea marks Kim Jong-il's birthday: Why's his son so quiet? - Christian Science Monitor

Crowds swarmed  Pyongyang ’s  Kim Il-sung  Square, named for Mr. Kim’s father, who ruled for nearly half a century before dying in 1994. Kim Jong-il’s son and heir Kim Jong-un , picked by his father as the third-generation leader of the dynasty,... Soldiers and military vehicles were on parade, bronze statues of both Kim Jong-il and Kim Il-sung on horseback were unveiled, figure skaters and synchronized swimmers performed in his memory, his name was gouged out of the rock on a mountain and... The real point of all the hoopla, however, seemed to be to project the image of Kim Jong-un as a credible leader of a country suffering from endemic hunger and disease after.

Questions & answers

wesleyelvis wesleyelvis says:
Where can I buy gold coins in Seoul or elsewhere in Korea?
Chachee says:
I believe there is a place in the COEX mall that sells coins. I am not sure about the price though. There is also supposed to be a coin shop in Itaewon. But I wouldn't trust the dealers there. I have heard too many stories about foreigners getting ripped off there.

korean coins Korean money | Exploring Korea
korean coins Korean money | Exploring Korea
South Korean Won Coins
South Korean Won Coins

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